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VADA Member Spotlight

sally jean moore

babcock & moore

This month’s spotlighted VADA member is Sally Jean Moore of Babcock & Moore, PLC, in Virginia Beach. 



1.         Where were you born?

Arlington, Virginia.

2.         Spouse? Children? Pets?

I’ve been married to Michael Moore for 15 years.  We have four grown children between us and an energetic 70-pound labradoodle named Hayden, who makes us feel like a small horse lives in our home.

3.         What type of law do you practice?

My primary practice area is tort defense, mostly automobile cases.

4.         How long have you been a member of VADA?

I first joined in 2007.

5.         What have you enjoyed most about your time in VADA?

The inspiration I get from observing the level of professionalism of my fellow members.

6.         What do you like most about practicing law?

I love the variety of people I get to meet and help.  I have represented a TV weatherman, a former death row inmate, my literal neighbors, and people from all walks of life.  I feel like Barbara Walters sometimes when deposing someone interesting and I can ask them almost anything I want!

7.         What was your first job?

Typing correspondence on an IBM Selectric typewriter (with carbon paper!) at the home office of “Career Temporaries International” in downtown Washington D.C.

8.         What was your favorite subject in school?

Boring question- didn’t we all love English class?

9.         What is the best book you have ever read?

I like historical non-fiction written as novels, such as those by Irving Stone.  The one that stands out is “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson about the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and a parallel account of a serial killer operating around it.

10.       What is the one item you cannot live without?

Coffee.  Oh, and coffee.

11.       What is at the top of your bucket list?

To visit all of the U.S. National Parks.

12.       Do you have a favorite TV or movie quote?

Bart Simpson: “I can’t promise I’ll try, but I promise I’ll try to try.”

13.       No matter how many times I watch it, a movie that always makes me cry is …

“About A Boy” – with Hugh Grant.

14.       If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be?

(Okay, not counting Jesus … )  My maternal grandmother, “Gigi,” who was my friend and dinner companion in my 20’s and 30’s.  I miss her all the time.

15.       When I am not in the office, I like to …

Walk someplace pretty, like Norfolk Botanical Gardens or First Landing State Park. Or drink coffee in bed and look at Facebook.  One or the other.

16.       If I wasn’t practicing law, I would be …

Working an information desk in Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks.

17.       What is your favorite sports team?

Redskins fan in name only – I usually don’t even know when they are playing – I’m the worst sports fan ever.

18.       What advice would you give someone who just passed the bar?

Celebrate!!  And never try to be anyone but the best version of yourself.  You can be a lawyer in your own personal style.

19.       What is your definition of success?

Putting my relationship with Christ first and being obedient by loving God wholeheartedly and loving other people and treating them with kindness (even my adversaries!).

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