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VADA Speaker & Guest Speaker Reimbursement Policies

Member Speaker Expenses

Generally, VADA members who serve as speakers pay the registration fee and other expenses associated with the meeting. This entitles them to all CLE hours, meals, and social events. The Board of Directors believes that it is an honor to be invited to participate on programs and members take their turn contributing to the professional training of their fellow VADA members. A member-speaker attending only that part of the meeting or breakout where he or she speaks is not required to register.

Travel By Personal Car:

If a member-speaker requests such reimbursement, the VADA will reimburse the speaker for personal car mileage incurred in connection with travel to and from the meeting site at the current standard IRS rate.

Meal/Social Event:

An unregistered member-speaker may attend, without cost, any scheduled meal or social event that immediately precedes or immediately follows his or her speaking portion.

Non-Member Speaker Expenses & Honored Guest Speaker Expenses

This does not include vendors, who are expected to cover their own expenses if invited to address a meeting. (See Section Chair Guidelines for additional requirements for vendor participation.)

There will be no reimbursement without receipts.


Guests pay no VADA meeting registration fee. Registration is complimentary.

General Guidelines:

Total reimbursement is limited to $500 for documented expenses in conjunction with participation. Exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances with prior approval of the executive committee and the annual meeting committee. Please do not commit to any speaker unless this approval has been given.

Travel - Personal Car:

VADA will reimburse guests for personal car mileage incurred in connection with travel to and from the meeting site at the current standard IRS rate. Only the direct-route mileage will be reimbursed.

Travel (other than personal car):

Airline reservations are to be made by the guest. Airline reservations should be made by the guest at least 2 months in advance of the speaking date. Airfare expense will cover the most direct route for the guest and will cover non-refundable coach fare. Any additional airfare expense will not be reimbursed by VADA. The VADA is a non-profit organization and we request that speakers be mindful of our financial limitations. VADA will pay a deductible if speakers have to cancel their trips where they have purchased a non-refundable ticket.

The VADA will promptly reimburse the guest upon submission of receipts for the expenses incurred.

Taxi or other public transportation to and from airports and meeting/home is reimbursable.


All guests are responsible for making their own hotel reservations, being sure to mention the special VADA rate that will be in force. VADA will reimburse only at the level of its contracted, reduced rate. Guests should make their reservations early to avoid the cut-off date for reduced rates.

In the event that the guest must travel more than ninety miles to the speaking engagement, VADA will pay for the guest's hotel room, room taxes and fees. It is regretted that other incidental expenses cannot be reimbursed and must be paid by the guest at the time of check out. Hotel parking fees will be fully reimbursed by the VADA. 

The VADA will reimburse only one night at the hotel site at VADA negotiated rate.

Meals/Social Events:

VADA organized meals and social functions are open to the guest and the guest's spouse. Guests are encouraged to join other meeting attendees for the common meals and social functions. The non-member speaker is the VADA’s guest at meals that are sponsored by the VADA. Meals taken during travel to and from the meeting and meals taken during the meeting but not sponsored by VADA are included in the $500 reimbursement limit.


All guests should mail their reimbursement request with accompanying receipts to VADA Executive Director, Sherma Mather, 1915 Huguenot Road, Ste 301, Richmond, VA 23235. The office telephone is 804-649-1002. E-Mail is smather@vada.org.

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Director of Meetings: Amy Gilbody

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